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Looking Through an Eternal Lens

“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.” (2 Corinthians 4:17)

How do you move forward in life when you have suffered so much trauma? How do you move past your grief and still find joy in your days? This is possible to obtain when you reach a point in your relationship with God that you see past this life into eternity. When you remove your focus from the things of this world and envision your life walking beside Him.

This is the gift Leo gave to me and what I hope to share with others. To bring to light the incredible journey of sorrow that led to a life of peace. On this day, five years ago, I watched life slip away. Yet, it wasn’t desolation that I felt in that moment, it was peace.

As I placed my hand upon Leo’s chest I felt the rhythm of his heart beat change. I sensed him preparing for a journey. His breath became labored and the space between inhales and exhales grew longer and longer, until they were no more. Leo had found rest after an endless battle. Lifted and comforted in the arms of the One that guided his sixteen years of life.

It was hard to believe that Leo was truly gone. His presence penetrated every fiber of my being. The glory of the Holy Spirit rested upon us and the weight of heartache shifted to a silent tranquility. There was an airy feeling that settled within the walls of the room, as if God was breathing for me when I couldn’t breathe for myself. What I thought was my whole purpose in life had just been swiftly pulled from my grasp. But the reality was, what Leo had trained for and taught me had only just begun.

It is never easy to see in the midst of our trials how God will use it for good. All the clichés are spoken like, “sorry for your loss,” or the often stated, “it will get easier with time.” These are intended for expressing empathy, but what they are, are just empty words. Your loved one is not lost. Death has come. The only way that time can truly heal your wounds is if you are spending your time with God.

Stepping forward in the process of healing requires trust. Believing that Jesus died on the cross. Believing that He rose from the dead. Believing that He will come again. Knowing that you will one day live in Heaven for all eternity.

The painful experiences that we endure in life don’t occur to destroy us. Rather they encourage us to build a relationship with God. Giving us a foundation to establish trust and grow to be more like Jesus. Leo demonstrated this in the most beautiful way. He was a submissive servant of God while he bore his cross in life. I was reverent of the intimate moments I witnessed. From this I found peace.

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