Inspirational Speaker

Faith-based inspiration for the community

Keynote Speaker

Whether on stage or virtually, Diane Nienas’ powerful message will encourage you no matter what season of life you may be in.

The Power of Your Story

Be transformed as you listen to the miraculous events that occurred in Diane’s life. The chains of shame will be released and you will break free from events that have held you captive. Diane’s transparency and vulnerability will inspire and strengthen you to see beyond your current circumstances and reach your God given potential.

Cardinal Creations

An Interactive School Activity that will Inspire Elementary Students showcasing, “Living Life with Leo” An inspiring visit from Diane Nienas, author of the children’s book series, “Living Life with Leo,” will encourage students to see the…
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I See Jesus

Breath of light was inspired by the way Diane witnessed God breathing life into her during her trials. Diane’s journey in life has enabled her to speak on various topics ranging from loss of loved ones…
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Faith in Feathers

Grief and loss are a difficult part of life that, sadly, all must endure. Signs can appear in all forms, but for Diane, one remains visible with feathers. Her story of endurance through the darkness will…
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Breathing Light into Dark Places

Diane’s testimony is based on her memoir, “I See Jesus, Three words that changed my life”. Diane was saved after witnessing the way God used her terminally ill sons to open her eyes to God’s love for His children. As her sons, together, battled against time, their life transformed beyond their limitations. It was from the mouth of her son, Leo, she heard the whisper, “I See Jesus” and shortly after her son, Trent, would whisper the same words.

Through her testimony, you will see how God challenges His children through trials and hardships. Whether it is the loss of a job, dream, physical ability, or loved one, God promises to use these circumstances for the good of those who love Him.  Will you allow God to meet you where you are and move you from your sorrow to joy?

I began speaking to spread a message of hope. After enduring the loss of two sons, both my parents, and multiple siblings, I have gained empathy and compassion towards others with their own trials.

Through my life experiences I have witnessed my words heal and encourage others through their own life circumstances. My journey in life has enabled me to speak on various topics ranging from cancer, grief, a woman’s choice, abuse, suicide, death of a child, and the hope behind the pain. Sharing the story is healing and as I speak the words, I hope it helps heal others.