We are called to be the light of the world
Step into the life that God prepared for you. Don’t let sorrow keep you from fulfilling your purpose and dreams.

Spread the light of your love onto others. Let them see the glory of God working through you.

Live your life with kindness, hope, and love. Watch others seek to know why you are filled with joy.

Breath of Light is inspired by the events of Diane’s life involving the relationship with God and her sons, Leo and Trent. Her mission is to spread the seeds of hope with others who may be struggling to see the light.

Diane is a mother, author, inspirational speaker, and grief coach with a degree in life experience. With two decades of caretaking for terminally ill children, she learned how to navigate through many unforeseen circumstances with grace. Diane is a woman of faith, family, and friends and truly believes that the events in her life have been shaped and molded by God’s hands.

Diane was raised on a farm in Southeastern Wisconsin as one of fifteen children. The world was changing as she grew, and although farm responsibilities lessened, the weight of worldly events sank in. While her four sons grew up, she spent her time in the community as an active parishioner at the local church, a volunteer at school events, a librarian’s aide, and advocated for special needs. Diane is passionate about ministering to the lonely, bringing hope to the hopeless, and encouragement for the defeated.

“God invested in me. He saw in me the thing I couldn’t see in myself and patiently waited for me to catch up to His ways.”

Author of “I See Jesus, three words that changed my life,” and a children’s book series, “Living Life with Leo,” Diane strives to show how we can choose joy over sorrow, and how no disability can keep you from the ability of living a fulfilling life. She highlights the activities that children with disabilities can partake in, as well as encourages children to play with all types of friends.

The name Diane stems from the Hebrew name Dinah, suggesting that her true calling is meant to be a light- bringer and teacher. It appears God knew Diane’s mission, as she spends most of her days spreading the light into the lives of others through lessons learned from Leo, as well as from her own tale.

Where it all began

Loving parents, Loving home
Raised in a family of fifteen children
Innocence lost
Suicide attempt
Suicide prevention hotline #988
High school sweethearts
Teenage mother
Married my long time love
Mother of four sons
Coming to Jesus
Strength in Sorrow
Discovery of my purpose

Podcast Featuring Diane sharing her Story:

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”
-Mother Teresa
“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”
-Matthew 5:8
“It is the darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”
Thanks for getting to know me better!