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Leo the Lion

“God gives power to the weak. And to those who have no might, He increases strength.” (Isaiah 40:29)

It’s 2024! A new year lies ahead of us all. Yet, I can’t help but think…

Twenty-two years ago God sent me the most precious gift. The package arrived in perfect condition and held an unknown secret inside. One that took two years to reveal itself.

As this precious gift grew it developed in the most unexpected way. The exterior appeared to have everything in order as the interior was designed to withstand an unknown storm.

Without much warning a shift occurred. A force like nothing that had even been seen before. As the exterior was stripped of every physical element, the interior began to shine. A Light so bright it could only be described as supernatural. Beaming, through the pain, was the love of Jesus. Casting out the darkness of sorrow and despair.

It was through one of the most difficult things that I have ever endured in my life that I truly came to know Jesus. It was God that carried me through my darkest days. It was Jesus that comforted me. It was the Holy Spirit that whispered, “We are with you.”

My son, Leo, was the gift that changed my life. Opening my eyes for the first time to fully understand God’s never ending mercy, grace and love that He has for His children. In Leo’s stillness we were moved by God.

New Year’s Day will forever be a celebration for many. For me, it will mark the day I awoke from my slumber as Jesus prepared the plan He had before me. No matter what you may be weathering, you can withstand the storm with the strength of our Almighty Warrior.

Thank you Leo for being a humble servant to God. For teaching others how to see Jesus in all our circumstances.

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Leo! Oh, what a celebration it must be.