Grief Coach

Shepherding others through their sorrow

Defeating Sorrow

CHOOSE not to suffer
Find JOY in your circumstances

You don’t have to stop mourning to start moving towards healing. Move through grief and live an extraordinary life.

The mountain of grief needs to be climbed at your own pace, yet the steps don’t have to be conquered alone.

In this lifetime we will all experience grief on some level. For some it may be the loss of a loved one. For others it may be a loss of a job, one’s health, their home, or a dream that is not fulfilled.

The grief that you are enduring may stem from different circumstances than my own, but I am here to listen, encourage, and share through a non-judgmental and caring environment. My own life has been a mountain of grief. Not only have I suffered the loss of two of my sons, but also my mom and dad and multiple siblings. In addition, my childhood had innocence stripped away, leaving my direction in life to falter. As I slipped down the steep ledge of the mountain side, I only regained my footing by grabbing ahold of the hand Jesus extended to me.

Our stories are meant to be shared, not compared. Meant to help heal one another, not steal the stages that one has to work through. I have been blessed with tragedy. For it is in my trials that I gained strength and found a way to still have joy. Through my trials I have deepened my empathy which allows me to help guide you in your healing. Together we can regain and rebuild what was once broken.

Ministering to the lonely. Hope for the hopeless. Encouragement for the defeated.

Time is one of life’s greatest commodities. It is something that we can give, but never get back. Ministering to the lonely and forgotten, coaching others through their grief, has transformed me in an incredible way. Seeing life through the lens of my sons Leo and Trent has opened my eyes to the way Jesus sees us and wants us to see Him. To serve others is ultimately serving our Lord. Recognizing the need is only part of honoring God’s Word. Acting on the need is obeying Him.

STEP forward to THRIVE

Say YES to truth

Trust healing is possible

Engage with your pain

Place your pain – lay at the foot of the Father

Take hold of…

Hear His voice

Renew your beliefs

Inspire to believe

Victory over the enemy

Elevate to a higher level

I would love to personally connect and help in your healing.