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In the Hands of the Potter

But now, O Lord, You are our Father, we are the clay, and You our potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand. (Isaiah 64:8)

I laid still, like a lump of unmolded clay without form or shape. I trusted my own ways and was repeatedly broken in the heat of life. I resisted the wheel of His shaping, trying to live life on my own terms. I didn’t trust the rhythm of God’s hands to design the life He knew I could live. It wasn’t until I witnessed my sons in the hands of the Potter that I trusted His wheel and was created into a work of art.

I was so moved by the way Leo opened his heart to Jesus. The way he laid still on the Potters bed, but allowed Him to mold and shape him. Leo spun a repetitive motion each day. Consumed with pain as tears flowed from his eyes and my own. God captured each tear and then watered his stiff rigid frame with the Holy Spirit and Leo evolved into a masterpiece. He let God use his weakness and enhanced it with gold lacquer, highlighting the gold thread of love that connected him to a supernatural power, which ultimately drew awareness to Jesus.

Then after watching what God was capable of, Trent willingly allowed himself to be separated from the flesh and be remolded into a new form. He stepped into his walk of sorrow with cancer and waited for God to come through. His life was dry, longing for the Living Water to seep into the cracks. It required more. It took a shattering of his old self and his own ways to let the Potter bring him peace, while He pieced him back together.

On the Potter’s wheel, Trent spun into a new creation. He surrendered his life to live the remainder of it for Jesus. As my sons spun in the hands of God I was reshaped with them. Their heartache was my heartache. Their pain was my pain. Yet, as they continued to have the hands of the Potter upon them and were strengthened by His touch, I too grew stronger.

It has only been four and a half years since Leo left my arms and two years since Trent joined him to live with Jesus. Peace is what I have in my heart because God worked on me from the inside out and pieced me back together with His grace. Each new day that I step into, I see the love of Jesus looking at me through the memory of the eyes of my sons. The gentleness of their presence and the light that came from within them, was from the hands of the Potter. I want what they had. Therefore, I will rest upon the wheel and allow God to shape me. I will become a work of art because I was created by the One who creates Masterpieces.