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A Mother’s Heart

“Mary treasured all these things and pondered on them in her heart.”
(Luke 2:19)

As the mother of Jesus, Mary was not exempt from suffering, yet from the beginning she trusted in the Lord. Mary seemed to realize that she could not hold onto her Son, but rather He held her and her faith grew deeper. When a child is placed in their mothers arms, neither one of them can anticipate the journey ahead. God knows. Wouldn’t it make sense to trust the One that can see it all?

I believe our grip on our children would be more beneficial if it was a gentle hold. One that allows us to guide and nurture while God lays out the way. For we can only see what is right in front of us, while God has an overview of the whole picture.

Both Leo and Trent showed me how to live like this. Accepting to let them go because they were going home to their Father. Mary accepted too, for her trust helped see her through. She stood and wanted to plead for it all to stop, but knew it had to be done. The pain was unbearable and wanted to protect and take it all away, yet knew it had to be. Mary had immense courage while enduring bitter anguish, knowing there was a purpose for all that was happening.

I too stood beside my sons watching. Witnessing the pain that seeped into their bodies, but what oozed from them was hope. The courage both of them demonstrated as their illness took hold of every inch of their bodies, while not letting the enemy take hold of them. My bitter anguish turned to peaceful surrender as a supernatural force settled upon me, knowing they would both be free from the sins of this world that brought pain into their lives.

Jesus’ love for us will not stop for anything. His example helps teach us the Way we are to live. Live with love for Him, ourselves, and others. Celebrate the beauty in life like the miracle of a child. Equally celebrate the life we are training for. The one that wipes away every tear and no longer experiences pain.

I don’t want to live in the shadows of this world, trusting in what is only temporary. I want to live in the light of His love, believing in what is eternal. I want the belief that Mary knew and the one that both Trent and Leo had. I will believe, and I pray that my redemptive story can, and will, help others believe too. After all, it is God’s story. Share your life with others and see how you help them step into the Light of God’s love.

Happy Mother’s Day