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Keeping it Real

At times the weight of the mission is too hard to carry. You may feel like you want to give up which is exactly how I felt this morning.

This feeling didn’t stem from my lack of belief in what I am doing, but rather my ability to overcome technical and outreach obstacles. I felt defeated, then God provided a sign and hovered His love over me.

As I peddled down the path a dragonfly landed on my leg. He would not let go. He held onto me and I began to feel God holding me. I stopped and tried to allow him to fly free, but he clung tighter. I began to feel the love of Leo and Trent encouraging me, “Mom, don’t give up.”

Like a dragonfly hovers above the water longing to reunite with their loved ones, my boys hover over me longing for me to feel their presence. Providing me with the strength to carry on.

No matter how someone’s journey may appear, remember they too have moments on the mountain top and time spent in the valley. Nothing is always as it may seem to be.