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Broken Heart Mended by God

“The Lord is near the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)

This time of year is often filled with joy for many, but for others it can be extremely difficult to get through the day. Darkness can settle on their hearts as they feel alone. It is in these times that our light needs to shine even brighter.

I would never have asked for my heartache. At times, it was to much to bear. But this is the story God chose for me. I will now make it my spiritual act of obedience to bring glory to His name.

Pain comes in waves and often without warning. Sometimes it may be deep emotional wounds that stick with us for years. Other times the afflictions are physical and we can’t fathom how we will survive another day. You may be in the greatest struggle of your life in this very moment. Praying through it seems like a task you are unable to endure.

As we read a Scripture passage that tells us the Lord is close to the brokenhearted, we can’t fully understand just how true those words are until we have suffered our own brokenness.  It is in that moment that we have a choice. Will we move forward with Jesus, or fight our grief alone?

By offering our pain to Christ, He can turn our sorrow into joy and in return encourage others to step through their own suffering. Jesus knows all the wounds you are facing. He sees you when you feel unseen. He hears you when you feel unheard. He holds you when you feel unworthy of being held.

When you pray through your pain and receive it as a gift you can be the beacon of hope for someone else. My gift was packaged in the form of two young men. Their journey became my journey. Together we learned how to trust God. From our immeasurable pain others were able to see they too can walk through their heartache when they believe in our loving Father.

God will save the crushed spirits, lifting our burden from us. The weight of our sorrow will then rests upon the cross and the sacrifice that Jesus provided for us. Allow God in and see how He restores your broken heart.  Lift up your heartache to Him and be amazed by the way you can find joy in your sorrow.

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