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Little Eyes Are Watching

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

Their bodies failed them, but Jesus never did. Their dreams diminished while they helped others build dreams of their own. In the midst of their sorrow they helped shape those around them.

The acceptance that both Leo and Trent demonstrated during their trials left a powerful ripple effect. As the impact of reality hit the water like a stone skipping across the surface, those left in the pool of sorrow with them felt the swirl of God’s love wash over them.

When a hardship strikes someone, it effects everyone else in the boat with them. How we choose to handle difficult times is being watched by those in our life. With open communication, and the ability to share freely the emotions you are feeling, healing can begin. Trust can be built when the whole family has an understanding of the reality that is occurring.

Little eyes don’t necessarily mean little minds. Kids pick up what we as parents may be trying to hide. They feel our joy, they recognize our sorrow. Truth can be spoken in a gentle way that allows them to understand what is happening without being weighed down by the heaviness of the circumstances. More than words though, our actions speak volume.

There was no hiding the challenges that Leo and Trent faced. What first began with Leo choosing joy over suffering rippled across the surface of the lives of his brothers. Watching Leo preserve through extreme pain and only wanting to shine light on God’s love prepared the way for Trent. He accepted because he saw first hand what acceptance is rewarded with —peace.

Then, Trent was able to move in his stillness because peace was in his heart. Each day Trent’s faith grew as his abilities lessened. His trust in the Lord’s plan deepened as the life he once knew was stripped away. The light within him began to burn bright as he shined the way for others to come to know God’s mercy.

Both Matthew and Oliver have taken what they witnessed and channeled their pain. Living in the moment. Living with purpose. When you watch a loved one slowly fade away you realize how quickly life can change. You then desire to be the change. Make a difference in the things that matter. Helping others find joy in life by being the light that guides their way.

There are many ways we can react to the circumstances in our lives. We can be the rock that hits the water and sinks in self destruction and pity as we pull those around us down. Or, we can live our life with God at the center. We can be the stone that skims across the water, rippling His love onto all those around us. Together we can wash over others with love and cover the world with His light.

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