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Waiting on Jesus

“For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.” (Psalm 62:1)

Many of us might be waiting on something. Waiting to see if we got the new job we prayed for. Waiting on test results from the doctor. Waiting to see if a broken relationship can be healed. What if we took all of those anxieties and laid them at the foot of the cross and decided to wait on Jesus?

It is not easy to do when we feel like we are drowning in our circumstances. When our whole world seems to be spinning out of control as one wrong thing leads to another. What if in those moments, when you feel like darkness is blocking the light, all you needed to do was take one step back to pause? Shift your focus to God. By putting Jesus at the forefront of your thoughts His Light blocks the darkness and the darkness fades away.

I witnessed the Light overcoming the dark in our family trials. I saw firsthand, Leo lay in the midst of his pain, yet light exuded from within him, because Jesus was his way. I saw others fight through their struggles because of the strength Trent demonstrated. Not letting cancer define who he was, but rather, living his life for God, so others would come to know Him. It was in these moments of stillness, when my life didn’t feel like my own, that I learned my life was truly for Him.

There is a battle occurring. Not just in the chaos of the world, but within the heavenly realm. Advent is a season to prepare us for the coming of Jesus. Who are you fighting for? If Jesus were to come today, are you ready for Him?

Our trials and tribulations are not caused by an unloving Father. They stem from the sin of mankind. Yet, God will use them for good. He will take all of your heartache, all of your sorrow, all of your our triumphs and victories, and develop your character to be more like Jesus.

So Fight for Him. Fight to make His name known. Jesus came into this world with the sole purpose to die. To willingly lay Himself on the cross and take away our sins. In return, He only asks that we believe in Him and share the gospel, so others also believe.

There was no room for darkness in the souls of both Leo and Trent. They were filled with the Light of faith, trust, and belief.

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