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From My Mess, God Created a Message

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.
2 Corinthians 5:17

I discovered not only myself, but God through my struggles and pain. I watched as He took all of my experiences, good and bad, and molded them into a message of love. As the layers of myself were stripped, they were rebuilt on the foundation of God and my mess became a message.

This process of growth is not one that happened over night. It is one of continued awakening as trials and hardship come into your life. My pain didn’t destroy me, but rather, it drew me closer to God. Thanks to Leo’s acceptance of suffering and patient guidance I found my way. With only three words, “I See Jesus” my life was changed forever. A new sprout formed from the ashes and blossomed into a life meant to live for God.

The shackles of shame no longer had a hold on me. The overwhelming amount of grief in my life could not weigh me down. The enemy may have tried to get a foothold on me, but he failed. For I was lifted by the overwhelming amount of love I felt from Jesus.

If you desire to be a new creation, to be filled with the peace of God, be still and sit in the presence of His love. Don’t hide from God. Let the wings of His shelter cover you, protect you, and shield you from what may be hurting you.

Let God plow over the old ways in your life and cultivate new beginnings. Let Him pluck out the weeds and replace them with seeds of new growth. Let your tears of pain pour out, for God will capture every teardrop and water your heart with His love.