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Follow the Good Shepherd

“I am the good shepherd, and I know mine and mine know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father, I will lay down my life for the sheep.” (John 10:14-15)

There was a transformation that occurred. A transformation that began with hardship. One that you would never ask for, yet I would not know true life without it.

It wasn’t until the diagnosis of my son, Leo, that I began to understand the real sacrifice of Jesus. To see it as more than a story or a decorative piece of jewelry that you wear on a necklace. What I saw, was it playing out right before my eyes. To witness firsthand the love behind laying down one’s life for the saving of another.

Leo, being filled with the Spirit, began to pour his love into those that surrounded him. With me by his side daily, I began to absorb his pain. I felt every ache of his body. Every defeat of a function lost. But what Leo was receiving, was peace. With the strength of God he willingly accepted the cross placed on his tiny and fragile frame. Leo’s ability to look past his circumstances gave Jesus a vessel to use to glorify God.

As Jesus guided him, he began to guide others. Gathering his sheep, Leo brought them to the one true shepherd. I was one of those sheep. Lost, until he helped me find my way. The peace that filled Leo illuminated a light for many to see. I began to understand. I began to feel the words that I had only chosen to hear. The story became real and the reality could have destroyed me, but instead it restored me. With his servants heart, Leo served the Lord and we began to journey across the pasture growing to know God.

Trouble stirred once more, causing enough concern for one of the sheep to lose his way, but he stayed the course. One step after another, Trent began his climb up the step mountainside, carrying his own cross. Doubt, fear, and uncertainty could have caused him to fall, yet he held his footing while Jesus held His rod and staff.

Both boys heard His voice. Both boys continued their climb knowing that the suffering had a purpose. Leo and Trent endured their pain becoming more and more like their Savior with every passing day. Being refined by their heartache. Being restored by His love.

Jesus will not leave you in the midst of your suffering. He seeks you every day. Faithfully praying that you will seek Him. He is the Light shadow that follows your every step, hoping you step into His presence, casting the darkness behind you.

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