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Cover the World with His Light

“Our message is not about ourselves. It is about Jesus Christ as the Lord. We are your servants for his sake”
(2 Corinthians 4:5)

In your life, it is your toughest times that will become your greatest testimony. Be motivated to push through them to glorify God. He will provide the strength and encouragement you need to help you advance the awareness of the Gospel. Your testimony is not about you. It’s about the way God has worked through you.

There was a period of time in my life that I was desperate. I was seeking answers to a question that was unclear. I was holding tight to a life that didn’t really exist, because the events planned for in my mind, never had a chance to occur. I was ultimately mourning a scenario that wasn’t even true.

As a mom, we have dreams for our children. We see a life that is better than our own and we wait with anticipation for it to become a reality. But God sees the whole picture. He sees how every circumstance we have can be used to further the good of His kingdom. I could only see what was right before me. I was clinging to the broken pieces while God was repairing and rebuilding them.

His Light provided me a new foundation to stand firmly upon. It was in my darkest hours that I saw clearly His grace and mercy. Once I allowed His Light in, I was able to look past the suffering that was before me and see the bigger picture. I was a servant of the Lord. I had been given an incredible gift to be used by Him. For it is in our moments of adversity, that those watching us truly can see the love of God in our actions. It was my opportunity to humble myself and bring honor and glory to God.

By His supernatural love my faith grew. With each passing hardship, my belief and trust expanded. As Jesus poured into my sons, they spilled over onto me and began to overflow into others. The Living water was moving through us. The power behind the force of the flow cut through the hardness that many of our loved ones’ hearts were feeling. God’s compassion softened them. The ultimate Physician instilled His gifts. His gentleness provided us with the ability to extend tenderness and empathy to those that were in need of our care.

It is a feeling that is not easy to explain because it is one that holds understanding by being felt. When you enter the sacred space and understand that our life is not our own; our life is His. God’s breath fills our lungs. God’s Light lives within our hearts. God is what makes us to be.

We all have seasons of darkness. In order to help others it is in these moments that our light needs to shine the brightest. Let the Holy Spirit be seen in your words and actions. Cover the world with His Light.

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