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Cardinal Creations

Spend a day designed to be creative with the author of Living Life with Leo! Diane shares the creation of her children’s book series with students before diving deeper into the illustrations of Leo’s adventures.

Express Yourself

Diane shares her journey toward becoming a best-selling author on Amazon. Before it was a story written on paper, it was a life. With the aid of several of books written about Leo, or by Leo, Diane encourages her audience to vocalize their stories.

Faith in Feathers

Grief and loss are a difficult part of life that, sadly, all must endure. Signs can appear in all forms, but for Diane, one remains visible with feathers. Her story of endurance through the darkness will lift those in need to the light. Intended for a small group audience, invite Diane to share your own grief and unweight your suffering.

You Are Special

Have a guest speaker attend your next school assembly with the author of Living Life with Leo! Diane shares the inspiration behind her children’s book series while also discussing how she made adventures possible.

Development Day

Diane encourages her audience to step into the light and shine. Intended for a small group audience, but open to larger groups with minor adjustments in presentation style, invite Diane to motivate your staff with a topic of choice.

I See Jesus

Breath of light was inspired by the way Diane witnessed God breathing life into her during her trials. Diane’s journey in life has enabled her to speak on various topics ranging from loss of loved ones to living with purpose. Sharing the story is healing and as she speaks the words, she hopes it helps heal others.

Additional Topics Can Be Requested

Contact Diane for more information.