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Release of My Memoir

“I See Jesus” Releasing 10-10-22!

Surrender all to God and He will wipe away every tear and bring joy out of your sorrow. Below is an excerpt from my memoir:

“Through all these obstacles, we still managed to find joy. We cultivated our trust in God. We took a time when it seemed impossible to be happy, with external circumstances that tried to weigh us down, and turned it into our garden of hope. God planted peace in the garden of my heart, where He lives. Weeds grew there too, but the loyal Gardener worked to get rid of them. When I sat quietly with Him, He shined the light of His presence directly into my troubled heart. In this heavenly light, peace abundantly grew and my weeds shriveled up. As trials entered my life, I trusted Him in the midst of my troubles. My peace flourished, and my weeds died away. I was then able to thank God for my troublesome situations; I saw my life flourish more, and the peace that settled upon me outweighed the trials I endured.”