living life with leo summer

Summer Sensations

Living Life with Leo is based on the real-life of a real boy who lost his physical abilities but still had the ability to live an adventurous and fulfilling life.

When Leo is faced with a life-changing circumstance, Leo doesn’t let that stop him from living an adventurous day. Confined to a wheelchair, Leo demonstrates how one’s limitations don’t have to limit the activities one partakes in. No inability can keep a person from the ability to live a full life.

As the activities of summer present themselves on each page, Leo finds himself doing them in a way that complements his capabilities. Living Life with Leo will bring about an awareness that everyone experiences joy in life, regardless of what they look like, sometimes just from a different perspective. Along the way, Leo teaches the meaning of acceptance and inclusion by illustrating that he too loves the same activities as his peers.

This book will shed light on how every person is special, and those with special needs have a lot to offer. Kids will see the value of making things possible for others because they will see the happiness in Leo’s expressions as he partakes in activities. Most importantly, the book will show that if we can look past what makes people different from one another, we will see that we are all the same, people being people, just special in their own way.

The story will gently teach lessons about inclusion and treating people equally. The story will encourage kids to approach peers that appear different than them, by breaking down the barrier that is often instilled in kids, “don’t look”. The illustrations will bring awareness that although people look different and their actions are played out differently, we are all created equal. The story will also provide an interactive approach by discovering the hidden cardinal on each page and encouraging kids to anticipate the word that will rhyme.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to a variety of charities that were instrumental in Leo’s life.

Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2023
The Living Life with Leo series keeps getting better and better! So many special moments and adventures in this story. The illustrations capture Leo’s light and the author’s words were carefully crafted with love. A perfect read to have with any child.

Matt N