Spring Splendors

Join Leo and his friends and family into the life of a boy with special needs.

With tons of adventures and fun things to see, we can learn about how Leo lives life so wonderfully! And who doesn’t love the season of spring and the fun it brings?

See what Leo does next in the full series of Living Life with Leo.

The language in the story is engaging with fun rhyme and rhythm, and is filled with action verbs reminding us how even though Leo spent much of his time in stillness he truly LIVED a fulfilling life.

In addition to the message it is amazing to be able to add such a book to my classroom library and provide representation for students with similar special needs. Special is really what you see all around you after reading Living Life with Leo!


This book is lovely! The writing and the illustrations are wonderful. I agree that you can hear the mother’s love in the beautiful rhyming phrases. Books like these are so needed in today’s world. Celebrating the differences in each of us is also how we celebrate our collective humanity in the best possible way. This book would make a wonderful gift to any child, school classroom, doctors’ offices or any other place that has books available for reading. I look forward to reading more, Living Life with Leo.


My boys (9 and 6) absolutely adored learning about Leo and his adventures. What a great lesson for anyone, regardless of age, that we can have a fulfilling life even if we have limitations. We really enjoyed looking for the cardinal on each page as well. Highly recommend!!


This is a fantastic story that warms you heart, makes you feel thankful, and gives a better view on life for all ages.

Jamie Bloedow