I See Jesus

Diane and her husband, Tony, were given news that every parent dreads. Their son, Leo, would not likely see his third birthday.

Diane found herself faced with an experience that could have broken her. Yet, her faith grew stronger, due in large part to Leo’s influence, as well as God’s plan.

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I See Jesus, Three words that changed my life’ by Diane Nienas is an extremely powerful narrative of a young, innocent girl coming of age through physical and psychological trauma, heart ache and young love. Her journey through adulthood is chocked full of discouragement, loss and pain, and equally supplied with encouragement and love. Diane weaves a story of beauty in the simplicity of making each day an opportunity to celebrate the life of her family members, especially her son, Leo. In the process of managing Leo’s illness, Diane opens her heart, realizing that her and her son’s roles have switched: Leo is the teacher! Our young hero helps his mother and others find divine intervention, the beauty in simplicity and how to live and love one day at a time to find inner peace. This story shows a family’s struggle to find points of light where darkness prevails. Their examples of faith, hope and love shine brightly for us all.

Andrea L.

If you have ever felt God couldn’t possibly love and care about you, but desperately want to believe He does, then ‘I See Jesus, Three words that changed my life’, is the book to help you on your journey to finding God and His, never-ending love, mercy, and guidance. In her book, Diane Nienas is courageously transparent as she discusses the many challenges and choices she has been forced to deal with in her life, including the deaths of two of her children. What makes this book unique is how God uses Diane’s terminally ill son, Leo, to transform her from an empty young woman searching for a moral compass, into a wise, mature woman of God. Diane’s memoir will be a light in your life and will guide you towards a hope and life in Christ.

Liz S.

Whether you are spiritually strong or weary, Diane Nienas’ memoir is sure to warm your heart and bring you comfort. ‘I See Jesus, Three words that changed my life’, is an inspiring account of how God’s redemption is possible if you are still enough to receive His messages and believe you are worthy of His love. Nienas is rawly truthful, yet delicate, in sharing her childhood and young adult life journey void of truly knowing God and His greatness. When terminal illnesses threaten to take the lives of two of her children, she trusts in the sacred messages communicated by her precious child to fully rely on God and surrender to what has become her family’s journey. From heartbreaking accounts of watching her children struggle with the unthinkable to touching moments and events, Nienas reminds us throughout this personal account that the light and love of God prevails even in the darkest of times. Personally, I was not quite prepared for my intense emotional response; my tears flowed freely and frequently! A large box of tissues is highly suggested!

Jen M.
Taina Maaria Jara