Autumn Adventures

Join Leo and his friends and family into the life of a boy with special needs.

With tons of adventures and fun things to see, we can learn about how Leo lives life so wonderfully! And who doesn’t love the season of fall and the fun it brings?

See what Leo does next in the full series of Living Life with Leo.

Reading ‘Living Life with Leo’ has been such a bright spot in my day! it is so special to read a book that involves inclusion for special needs children. The idea that someone’s inability should not limit their ability to enjoy life and have fun experiences is a message that everyone needs to know and live by. When you read ‘Living Life with Leo’ to yourself, or your loved one, you will be filled with adventure and joy flipping through the pages. It is an engaging book that shows the world anything is possible if special is all we see.

Valerie H.

There are a multitude of children’s fictional picture books, many of which are based on actual people. However, there are not a lot of stories like ‘Living Life With Leo’. This story details the autumn adventures of Leo and his beloved family as they illustrate just how special daily life can be with a spectacular person like Leo in their lives. The artwork is playful and meaningful while depicting the fall festivities of a child living, but not confined, to a wheelchair. With a beautiful cardinal hidden in each page, readers of all ages can interact with this beautiful and touching story as they get to live a life with Leo.

Maura L.

Living Life with Leo was perfectly written. Its subtle focus on special needs & ability is exactly what children need to see and hear. Finding the cardinal on every page keeps young children engaged. This is an excellent choice for homes, classrooms, daycares, & gifts this fall. A+


This is a fantastic story that warms you heart, makes you feel thankful, and gives a better view on life for all ages.