Meeting Planners


Meeting Planners

Thank you so much for considering me for your event. I value your time and hope this information helps with all of your preparation needs. Please feel free to use any of the language, links, and photos on this page to assist you prior or during an engagement for promotional purposes.

Please reach out with any additional requests. Thanks again for the opportunity to work together!

Everything You Need For Your Event

Diane Nienas is a four-time #1 Amazon best-selling author, speaker, and grief coach with a degree in life experience. With two decades of caretaking for terminally ill children, Diane has learned how to navigate through many unforeseen circumstances with grace. Diane is instrumental in advocating for people with special needs, often bringing together influential members of the community to ensure good deeds are accomplished.  As a member of several groups, Diane is a voice for the unheard by being a champion for women as well as serving others to enhance their quality of life.

Diane was raised on a farm in Southeastern Wisconsin, one of 15 children. She went on to marry her high school sweetheart, Tony, and raised four sons. Growing up she learned the value of simple living and instilled the gift of being in the moment into her own children. After the recent death of two of her sons, Diane now embarks on a new season of her life by spreading the seed of hope through sharing her story and breathing light into dark places.

Diane will run her presentation from an HP laptop and will request a HDMI cord to connect to smart board or technology equipment utilized by the facility. When speaking to large groups, a hands free microphone will assist with communication.

Please find all relevant information needed for our time together here within this speaker’s kit.

Speaker Kit (PDF)

July 22, 2024

Diane in Action

With years of life experience in the workplace, as a mother of four sons, and caregiver for those with special needs, Diane knows first hand the importance of living in the moment. Catch a glimpse of her insights and strategies by inviting her to your next event or into your heart for healing.